The Weekend Read – Can Medicine Be Cured? by Seamus O’Mahony

Can Medicine Be Cured? : The Corruption of a Profession I have an instinctive leaning towards any O’Mahony from Cork because my maternal grandmother, Catherine O’Mahony, was Cork born and bred. Stories of, and meetings with, members of the extended O’Mahony family have been some of the highlights of my life.  This book examines modern medicineContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Can Medicine Be Cured? by Seamus O’Mahony”

Some news on reinfections.

From Nature. COVID reinfections are unusual — but could still help the virus to spread Large study of UK health-care workers suggests that most people are immune for months after catching COVID-19 for the first time. Most people who catch and recover from COVID-19 are likely to be immune for several months afterwards, a studyContinue reading “Some news on reinfections.”

“Some very good reasons why you should not be blasé about Covid”

From The New Yorker (via the essential John Naughton), Lawrence Wright: The Plague Year. it’s a long read but essential in my opinion. This is an excerpt. “There are three things this virus is doing that blow me away,” Brooks told me. “The first is that it directly infects the endothelial cells that line ourContinue reading ““Some very good reasons why you should not be blasé about Covid””

Masks…The curious case of the Danish mask study.

Read it and wonder about everything else that Facebook does, or that PHE didn’t. DANMASK-19, the first trial of mask use during covid-19, was “negative.” Masks didn’t work. We knew this before the trial was published because we were told so on social media. The authors were reported by the media to be struggling toContinue reading “Masks…The curious case of the Danish mask study.”

You couldn’t make this up…

From Politico London Playbook COMPUTER SAYS OH NO: Health Secretary Matt Hancock will come to the Commons this afternoon to make a statement on last night’s astonishing admission by Public Health England that a “technical issue” meant nearly 16,000 positive coronavirus cases weren’t registered on its data system between September 25 and October 2. Playbook isContinue reading “You couldn’t make this up…”

Allyson Pollock – We need hands-on public health expertise.

Allyson Pollock can be relied upon to speak truth to power, but should they have listened? The government has released its scientific evidence, which sheds light on the fiasco and the catastrophe that is unfolding economically, socially, and health wise. It also highlights the lack of public health input and the decimation of the specialityContinue reading “Allyson Pollock – We need hands-on public health expertise.”