“My week” by Dominic Cummings – an exerpt

A wonderful spoof via the essential John Naughton’s Memex Friday I’m walking by the Embankment when I see a man, in black suit and bowler with a briefcase standing by a tree. He says, “Hello, Dominic, it’s been a long time.” “Who are you?” I ask. “Don’t you remember me?” he says. “Were you onContinue reading ““My week” by Dominic Cummings – an exerpt”

Too much time wasted on one man.

Having some “free” time this morning before the Wren Boy run at the local GAA ground, I was browsing The Guardian online and completed “The Donald Trump Quiz of the Year”. The object is to answer 10 questions on “The Donald”. Here’s the link. Being a competitive sort of individual I was disappointed that IContinue reading “Too much time wasted on one man.”

Is progress linear or cyclical?

“I thought all my life that progress was linear. Now it’s very clear at best it’s cyclical and it’s very hard to tell we are at the bottom of the wave or are we going to have an upswing.” Louise Arbor (chief prosecutor of the Rwandan & Yugoslav war crimes tribunals) speaking to Alec Russell inContinue reading “Is progress linear or cyclical?”

Global Warning….

Taken from John Naughton’s blog post “Global Warning” about Nick Harkaway’s new novel Gnomon where he shares the author’s blogpost which you can read in full here. These paragraphs struck a chord with me. …..I remember the luxury of saying “we must be precautionary about surveillance laws, about human rights violations, because one day theContinue reading “Global Warning….”

The unexpected political power of (US) dentists…

Interesting article in The Washington Post about the reaction of the dental profession to the introduction of  alternatives to provide dental care in poor and rural areas. The alternatives include such innovations as dental therapists and “open access” to hygienist care. The bill establishing a new provider type ultimately passed, but “it was brutal, veryContinue reading “The unexpected political power of (US) dentists…”

The Monday Morning Quote #423

On this day in 1964 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment, during the Rivonia Trial Mr Mandela chose, instead of testifying, to make a speech from the dock and proceeded to hold the court spellbound for more than four hours. His speech, which was made at the beginning of the defence case, ended with theContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #423”

Peter Ward exposes the NHS(E)’s “Cunning Plan”

Nice editorial in the BDJ from BDA Chief Exec Peter Ward. HERE Edited highlights only Death by commissioning ….That master plan looks like a determined effort to wrest away NHS dental care from small autonomous units. That model that has been supplied by a legion of conscientious practitioners ever since the beginning of the NHS.Continue reading “Peter Ward exposes the NHS(E)’s “Cunning Plan””