…and politicians wonder why the professions don’t rate them…

or “The Moral of the Roller-Skating Christmas Pudding”

From David Allen Green’s “The Law and Policy” blog.

According to a National Audit Office report, the Crown court backlog increased by 23% in the year leading up to the pandemic, increasing from 33,290 on 31 March 2019 to 41,045 on 31 March 2020. 

“The backlog increased a further 48% since the onset of the pandemic, to 60,692 cases on 30 June 2021.”

Last weekend there was the Bar conference, where the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab was invited to address those barristers who are (somehow) keeping the criminal justice system going, along with court officials, solicitors and others.

The Lord Chancellor did not turn up.

His civil servants sent a video recording instead….

It was an extraordinary exercise in political absenteeism.

And where was the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary instead of engaging with legal professionals?

The Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary was with a roller-skating Christmas pudding: where he tweeted, “Great to open the Christmas festival in Walton today – wonderful to see the community out enjoying the festive fun, including the roller-skating Christmas pudding!”

“And, in a way, this a direct outcome of the change in the Lord Chancellorship in 2005, where the office ceased to be exclusive to a senior and experienced lawyer in the House of Lords (and usually their last job) and became just another political job for a politician in a hurry….”


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