The GDC sees sense…

Regulators’ joint statement and supplementary advice Dental defence experts MDDUS has welcomed the GDC’s acknowledgement that the broad range of Covid-related challenges and difficulties faced by the dental profession should be considered formally when it investigates any concerns about a registrant. The regulators’ joint statement: We recognise that in highly challenging circumstances, professionals may needContinue reading “The GDC sees sense…”

William Moyes – Pendlebury Lecture – June 2014

I found out recently that a copy of this lecture had been removed from its “place” on the GDC website, there is only a summary on FGDP(UK),  I am happy to produce it here because I believe it is important. If you would like a PDF copy then please contact me through my website. INTRODUCTION ThankContinue reading “William Moyes – Pendlebury Lecture – June 2014”

Sir Cliff’s victory: Why registrants with the General Dental Council should care.

From RadcliffesLeBrasseur via Lexology At the heart of the judgment in Richard v BBC lies the significant determination that “as a matter of general principle, a suspect has a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to a police investigation”. …..the judgment provides a useful opportunity to consider a long standing and unprincipled disparity between theContinue reading “Sir Cliff’s victory: Why registrants with the General Dental Council should care.”

Roy Lilley speaks…sense.

I often disagree with Roy Lilley (especially when he discusses dentistry) but his newsletter today makes a few points well, particularly these. …the only way to achieve that is to de-pompous the GMC and NMC, strip them back to maintaining a register and stop hounding clinicians with all the masonic, legal palaver of hearings… CliniciansContinue reading “Roy Lilley speaks…sense.”

…same sh*t, different profession…

I write mostly about what happens to dentists and the business of dentistry…but let’s not forget that the UK is a pretty lousy place for a lot of professions at the moment, especially the ones that put patient care at their core. This from the BMJ via reestheskin “Why do doctors feel the need toContinue reading “…same sh*t, different profession…”

One rule for you, one rule for the rest…

Inspired by John Naughton. Picture this – one dentist manages to lose one set of notes of one patient, who was one month old, who had made one visit to the practice as an emergency and treatment consisted of examination and parental reassurance. The notes are passed to a recognised third party for disposal butContinue reading “One rule for you, one rule for the rest…”

The Monday Morning Quote #369

“And I won’t sit down And I won’t shut up And most of all I will not grow up” Frank Turner excerpt from Photosynthesis – thanks to Colin Campbell whose superb presentation “My Fitness to Practice (FtP) case and other more important matters” was one of the highlights of the BDA Conference in Manchester thisContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #369”

GDC v BDA – contd (for UK readers only)

Press release 5 April 2016 BDA: ‘new era’ at GDC comes with £½ million cleaning bill The British Dental Association (BDA) has issued an open letter to General Dental Council chair Bill Moyes, in response to his recent comment piece: A new era of dental regulation. The article, published in The Probe in March, containedContinue reading “GDC v BDA – contd (for UK readers only)”

What would John Ruskin have said about Groupon in Dentistry?

The news that a practice in Manchester has gone bust is sad for the patients, the associates and the staff. The fact that this practice had apparently been selling orthodontics via Groupon limits the sympathy that I feel for the owner(s). If anyone has heard me speak in recent months then they will have hadContinue reading “What would John Ruskin have said about Groupon in Dentistry?”