Dental research and experiences pay dividends.

Amongst the things that came to my notice this week. Via the FT “How to spend it” magazine came “BONDIC”, which is apparently developed using concepts from Dentistry. It comes in an applicator with a built-in UV beam. Apply, shine the light and off you go.           2. From NatureContinue reading “Dental research and experiences pay dividends.”

Mid-Week Dental Medley #2

Notable Quotable, “I rang up Guy’s hospital… and I said ‘what’s this thing you’re doing, the vaccination?’… They duly put me on the list, I went off and had rather a nasty lunch, and then came back and they were ready for me.” the interviewee reminded me of the Bonzos. Here he is in allContinue reading “Mid-Week Dental Medley #2”

Mid-Week Clinical Medley #1

Where I gather and share some links that I have discovered during the previous 7 Days Is there a link between bad breath and SARS-CoV2 Infection? “SARS-CoV-2 may cause epithelial changes to the upper surface of the tongue, causing patients with COVID-19 to experience bad breath. ” The alterations on the tongue surface may occurContinue reading “Mid-Week Clinical Medley #1”

Are you a bunch, a group or a team?

This article was inspired by Kathy Kolbe and her work, I have been trying to find my notes from my last trip to Phoenix but they are hidden or hiding. It was then that I first heard Kathy talk about the concept of a bunch, a group and a team. In my work with smallContinue reading “Are you a bunch, a group or a team?”

What is My Dental Guarantee?

I am talking to Chris Baker from Corona Dental Marketing about My Dental Guarantee. It’s time to consider new ways of working and innovations to make our practices profitable. My Dental Guarantee offers patients guaranteed protection of all sound natural teeth and offers you the ability to increase average revenue by 333% per patient withContinue reading “What is My Dental Guarantee?”

Eddie Van Halen’s death from oral cancer

….when it was announced that Eddie Van Halen had died from metastatic throat cancer at the age of 65…his death marked the end of a 20-year battle against cancer that, as he told Billboard in 2015, included a partial removal of his tongue (partial glossectomy) for tongue cancer. The cancer had already spread to his throat and esophagusContinue reading “Eddie Van Halen’s death from oral cancer”