Video Killed The Radio Star…oh no it didn’t.

In spite of Messrs Downes and Horne’s prophecy it didn’t. In much the same way that the death of dentistry has been prophesied many times in the 40 odd years of my involvement it hasn’t died, yet. Evolved, grown, changed in many ways certainly but rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated. I rememberContinue reading “Video Killed The Radio Star…oh no it didn’t.”

The people I read…Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell of the Campbell Clinic writes a blog… daily, which I read….daily. I don’t always agree completely with what he writes, I doubt he agrees completely with me, but I would defend his right to share his experiences for the benefit of others, which is what he does well. This is an excerpt fromContinue reading “The people I read…Colin Campbell”

Gold Crowns, Onlays and Inlays

I was taught to do my own “wax ups” for gold crowns and inlays when I was a student and didn’t enjoy it very much at the time. It was hard work to hold the inlay when trying it in without dropping it, not to mention running the risk of the patient swallowing what hadContinue reading “Gold Crowns, Onlays and Inlays”

Why the Uber decision isn’t the end for self-employed Dentists

As usual the sky falling in faction in UK dentistry have taken the High Court’s decision in favour of the Uber Drivers as the signal that the floodgates will open and this is the end for all self-employed associates. In my opinion this should lead to more dental principals, associates, therapists and hygienists becoming moreContinue reading “Why the Uber decision isn’t the end for self-employed Dentists”

Across the UK, dental placement coordinators are opening wide and saying “argh”

Top of the list of PSRBs’ worries is placements. DfE may have opened up campuses for some students, but across professions many urgently need practical experience in the workplace. Some professional environments are difficult to make Covid-secure while maintaining learning outcomes. Dental clinics, with their close contact and air-flow infrastructure, are one example. Across theContinue reading “Across the UK, dental placement coordinators are opening wide and saying “argh””

Dental research and experiences pay dividends.

Amongst the things that came to my notice this week. Via the FT “How to spend it” magazine came “BONDIC”, which is apparently developed using concepts from Dentistry. It comes in an applicator with a built-in UV beam. Apply, shine the light and off you go.           2. From NatureContinue reading “Dental research and experiences pay dividends.”

Mid-Week Dental Medley #2

Notable Quotable, “I rang up Guy’s hospital… and I said ‘what’s this thing you’re doing, the vaccination?’… They duly put me on the list, I went off and had rather a nasty lunch, and then came back and they were ready for me.” the interviewee reminded me of the Bonzos. Here he is in allContinue reading “Mid-Week Dental Medley #2”