Two journeys (so far) today. Seat numbers allocated at random, should I be concerned?

Remind me of the date….






Darkness on the Edge of Town

Friday 3.30am, a long drive after a late flight, time to go to bed.

After a full working day.

Saturday 3.30am, alarm goes, time to get up. 

For the past four years Susan & I have joined hundreds of others setting off from Skibbereen GAA ground to walk 5Km from Darkness into Light in aid of Pieta House.

I have personally known several people who have taken their own life, one would have said that all of them had plenty to live for but chose to leave their families and this world behind. Just writing about it upsets me. 

I have met dentists after my talk “Is Dentistry Making You Sick?” who have admitted to me that they have self harmed or contemplated suicide. Although I have had my share of ‘black dog’ periods I am grateful for being spared the thoughts of no return.

As we all walked in silence from the edge of town through the streets watching the sun gradually rise I thought of my friends and the thousands of others and said a prayer that no one else will take that lonely exit.

“Well everybody’s got a secret, son
Something that they just can’t face
Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it
They carry it with them every step that they take
‘Til some day they just cut it loose
Cut it loose or let it drag ’em down
Where no one asks any questions
Or looks too long in your face”
(Bruce Springsteen – Darkness on the Edge of Town)

A Builder’s Lesson

How shall I a habit break?
As you did that habit make.
As you gathered, you must lose;
As you yielded, now refuse.
Thread by thread the strands we twist
Till they bind us, neck and wrist.
Thread by thread the patient hand
Must untwine, ere free we stand.
As we builded, stone by stone,
We must toil, unhelped, alone,
Till the wall is overthrown.

The Monday Morning Quote #530

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

Bill Nye (Science Communicator)


The removal of options in young people’s lives.

Actor Jason Isaacs (of “Hi to Jason” fame) was interviewed in the FT “Inventory” column last weekend. Here is one of the questions, his answer and comment.

The Monday Morning Quote #525

We’ve all seen talented young players who get to a certain level but there comes a time when talent will only take you so far.

The great players go away and work on extra things. They work harder on their skills. They start having early nights and they think about their diet and training.

That is what takes them to the next level.

Warren Gatland

Becoming – watch this film.

From zygote to tadpole in 6 minutes.

Watch this time-lapse film on full screen. It’s amazing.

Not business. Not music. Not blowing my own trumpet.


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