Read a book! You’re too busy? All the more reason.

I know when life is getting to me, it’s when I stop reading (fiction especially) because “I don’t have time”. What I do have is time that I waste on apparently being busy, doing things that could be started, completed and given me time to read. That’s why this article resonated with me.  It’s thatContinue reading “Read a book! You’re too busy? All the more reason.”

Dan Tuohy on his disillusionment

“Integrity and loyalty is a thing of the past, even a simple gesture of looking someone in the eye has gone.” “As a professional you get paid well, the lifestyle is class, all the [nonsense] aside it really is a dream job, although I had grown sick and tired of the pre-season goalsetting of honestyContinue reading “Dan Tuohy on his disillusionment”

In Praise of….Toastmasters

“It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time.” I joined the fledgling West Cork Toastmasters in September 2014. I was determined to take my speaking more seriously. I was fed up of being an enthusiastic but ultimately unproductive presenter. “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. TheContinue reading “In Praise of….Toastmasters”

Sunday Summary 200105

A collection of things that have entertained, informed or annoyed me over the past week or so. 1) Are at-home DNA tests worth the privacy risks? I have got deeper into tracing my family tree over the past few years and whilst it would be “interesting” to know more, there aren’t that many unexplored orContinue reading “Sunday Summary 200105”

A Happy and civil New Year to you.

“Civility”: formal politeness and courtesy in behaviour or speech. 2019 was a year of change, so will 2020 be and 2021, 2022, 2023. I think you get the picture. Get used to it, there is little point resenting change. No matter who you are or where you are you have choices in response. Anyone who has readContinue reading “A Happy and civil New Year to you.”

Oh the places I will go – Part 3 – Bounceback

Part 1 – The World at my feet Part 2 – The World at my feet – in pieces 18th March 1993 My 40th birthday and a very significant date in the life of my practice. In the wake of the 1990 NHS contract and subsequent clawback of fees a group of dentists in GloucestershireContinue reading “Oh the places I will go – Part 3 – Bounceback”

Oh the places I will go – Part 2 – The world at my feet – in pieces.

1st January 1991. The world at my feet – in bits.  A lot can happen in 28 months. After the rapid success of the first practice. Hubris set in and in October 1989, flush with arrogance, I opened on a second site. This time I spent (borrowed) big time. Growth was slower, I was spreadContinue reading “Oh the places I will go – Part 2 – The world at my feet – in pieces.”