The Indispensable Man

Sometime when you’re feeling important;Sometime when your ego’s in bloom;Sometime when you take it for granted,You’re the best qualified in the room:Sometime when you feel that your going,Would leave an unfillable hole,Just follow these simple instructions,And see how they humble your soul. Take a bucket and fill it with water,Put your hand in it upContinue reading “The Indispensable Man”

Who I read – John Naughton

Probably the best daily blogger of the several I read. Here’s the profile of a true polymath, an excellent writer and sharer of knowledge. I often do not understand fully the subjects he covers but I always come away feeling grateful for his insights.  Yesterday’s blogpost featured a long discussion on Brexit, which he was against, withContinue reading “Who I read – John Naughton”

“My week” by Dominic Cummings – an exerpt

A wonderful spoof via the essential John Naughton’s Memex Friday I’m walking by the Embankment when I see a man, in black suit and bowler with a briefcase standing by a tree. He says, “Hello, Dominic, it’s been a long time.” “Who are you?” I ask. “Don’t you remember me?” he says. “Were you onContinue reading ““My week” by Dominic Cummings – an exerpt”

Eddie Van Halen’s death from oral cancer

….when it was announced that Eddie Van Halen had died from metastatic throat cancer at the age of 65…his death marked the end of a 20-year battle against cancer that, as he told Billboard in 2015, included a partial removal of his tongue (partial glossectomy) for tongue cancer. The cancer had already spread to his throat and esophagusContinue reading “Eddie Van Halen’s death from oral cancer”