The Monday Morning Quote #697

From the Letters Page of the Magazine, April 30th/May 1st 2022. The one sentence comment on the article in the previous magazine, “The evolution of Marine Le Pen” says a great deal and sums up a much of what is happening. “The willingness of people to believe that someone or something will make theirContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #697”

The Monday Morning Quote #695

Two quotes this week, from a piece in the Weekend Financial Times’ Fashion Supplement from the 9th/10th April 2022 in an article titled “Sage and the Scholar” featuring Paul Smith and Priya Ahluwalia. “The industry has changed enormously and it’s a much more crowded and competitive place. To anyone starting out (as a creative) today,Continue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #695”

“Some very good reasons why you should not be blasé about Covid”

From The New Yorker (via the essential John Naughton), Lawrence Wright: The Plague Year. it’s a long read but essential in my opinion. This is an excerpt. “There are three things this virus is doing that blow me away,” Brooks told me. “The first is that it directly infects the endothelial cells that line ourContinue reading ““Some very good reasons why you should not be blasé about Covid””

The invisible work force.

‘Nobody Sees Us’: Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand Laboratory technologists have been working nonstop to help the nation diagnose an ever-growing number of coronavirus cases. We all think that we are unappreciated in some way. Nurses, receptionists, hygienists, managers, therapists, dentists. Even business coaches, consultants and mentors. All of us in some shape or formContinue reading “The invisible work force.”

Masks…The curious case of the Danish mask study.

Read it and wonder about everything else that Facebook does, or that PHE didn’t. DANMASK-19, the first trial of mask use during covid-19, was “negative.” Masks didn’t work. We knew this before the trial was published because we were told so on social media. The authors were reported by the media to be struggling toContinue reading “Masks…The curious case of the Danish mask study.”

It’s like politicising toilet paper…

“In my mind, it’s like politicizing toilet paper. It’s a basic hygienic measure.” Physician and epidemiologist Céline Gounder, who serves on US president-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, ponders how to break through the politicization of mask wearing in the country. From Science via Nature Briefing  

Searching for Silver Linings

Searching for Silver Linings A recent article in the Financial Times, reported a marked increase in demand for work from cosmetic surgeons in South Korea during these days of social distancing. Whilst they usually treat many foreign tourists there has been a rise in demand from local customers at their “glitzy Gangnam district clinics”. OneContinue reading “Searching for Silver Linings”

It’s time to plan your holidays and down time.

My latest piece for deals with getting enough downtime and talks about my experiences in the steelworks. Hint: always have your next break planned. Planning holidays and down time is important to avoid breakdowns and potentially disaster, Alun Rees says. The most physical, and dangerous, summer job I had was at the East MoorsContinue reading “It’s time to plan your holidays and down time.”

“We are providing oral care, not just dentistry, for individuals…”

Stephen Hancocks’ Editorial British Dental Journal 22nd November 2019 “We are providing oral care, not just dentistry, for individuals not just a homogenous bunch plucked from the general public…” “….One is left in little doubt that the current UDA system of remuneration in England, for example, fails utterly to address such important shifts in emphasis.Continue reading ““We are providing oral care, not just dentistry, for individuals…””