The Incisal Edge Podcast Interview #3 – “the Dhrucast” with Dhru Shah of Dentinal Tubules

220x123-p9eThe interviewee on the Incisal Edge Podcast this week is Dr Dhru Shah. In addition to being a specialist periodontist Dhru is the founder of Dentinal Tubules which has grown from a board for advertising job vacancies to huge resource for continuing professional development.

“Share. Learn. Connect”

Join us and listen to Dhru talk about his past, the current state of play with Dentinal Tubules and his plans for future projects which will dwarf the current set up.

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The Incisal Edge Podcast Interview #2 – with Joanna Taylor

6640622This interview is with Joanna Taylor who is a hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner and well on her way to becoming a fully fledged psychotherapist. We talk about stress in dentistry, her research work on the stressors on dental teams and how these can be avoided and controlled.

No stranger to dentistry, she is married to John, a GDP who runs his own private practice in Scarborough.

Her web site is

Podcast Interview #1 with Harry Singh from the Dental Property Club

The first podcast interview is with Dr Harry Singh from The Dental Property Club.

For more about Harry and how you can join with him to learn more about investing in property click here.


Podcast #1 – The trial run – the beginning of something good.

Welcome to the trial run of The Incisal Edge Podcast. It’s very brief because we’re checking that the systems work – my thanks to Kim Black from who worked hard to make this happen.

#00: Podcast Test

Just testing.

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