It’s hard work to get out of your own way.

Saturday 10th April 2021

It’s hard work to get out of your own way.

But well worth it.

One of the regular conversations with clients who I describe as “getting in their own way” goes something like this:

Me: Have you thought about how you work?

Client: I’m working as hard as I can!

Me: I’m not suggesting that you aren’t working hard. In fact if anything you are trying too hard.

Client: But I can’t work any faster. I’ll start making mistakes.

Me: I’m not talking about speed. I’m talking about working better.

Client: I’m trying as hard as I can.

Me: OK let’s put this a different way. “Have you thought about why you do what you do?

Client: Surely that’s obvious?

Me: Can I ask you to take 10 minutes to tell me?…

There usually follows a one-sided (on the client’s side) conversation where I learn more about them than they had ever thought to share before, it turns out clients are like patients in that they really only tell you what they think you want, or need, to know.

The time it takes to get to this point of truth is directly proportional to the speed they realise that to become truly successful they must take full responsibility for what they want from life.



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Dental Business Coach. Analyst. Troubleshooter. Consultant. Writer. Presenter. Broadcaster.

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