Pandemic Doctor Abuse

A poll by the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested that more than a third of doctors have faced abuse from patients or their family and friends during the pandemic.

The situation was worse for GPs where more than half of respondents said they had to deal with abuse in the past month.

Among the main findings from the doctors’ union were that:

  • 37% of all respondents had experienced verbal abuse first-hand in the most recent month – including 51% of GPs and 30% of hospital doctors
  • One in 5 GPs reported being threatened
  • 51% said they had witnessed violence or abuse against other staff, which rose to 67% for doctors working in general practice
  • Hospital doctors were most likely to report abuse of nurses (87%) or other doctors (65%)
  • 67% of GPs) said their experience of abuse, threatening behaviour, or violence had deteriorated in the past year
  • Most respondents said dissatisfaction with service or treatment access was the main reason behind the abuse

Via Medscape News

Published by Alun Rees

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