Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.

From Liz Robb via GDPUK

Hello everyone. My name is Liz Robb and I am a long time lurker on the GDP(UK) forum. I work as a Special Care dentist in Somerset splitting my time between working in the surgery, on domiciliary visits and theatre sessions at the local hospital. Webbed feet are very useful in this part of the world at present. I thoroughly enjoy reading the postings on the forum which help to keep me in the loop of general practice. The various postings have also given me some very useful practical hints and tips along the way.

When not otherwise engaged earning a living, I enjoy my time with NICE, having been awarded a Fellowship in 2012. It has been an interesting time, given that it is the first time that a dentist has been awarded a NICE Fellowship.

I received the message below yesterday from NICE with the request that I alert as many of my colleagues as possible to its contents. My first thought was to contact GDP(UK), so if anyone would like to comment on the current consultation, NICE would be delighted to hear from you.

“Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.
Easy access to comprehensive medicines information is essential for anyone involved in prescribing or handling medicines. NICE is conducting a public consultation on its vision for an enhanced BNF service.

To help shape this vision NICE wants to hear the views of dentists involved in prescribing or handling medicines.

The consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks from 9am on 3 February 2014 to 9am on 31 March 2014.

NICE will also run three interactive workshops in London and Manchester in mid-March to gather more in-depth feedback on the enhanced BNF vision. The results of the consultation and workshops will inform developments for the future service.

Read and comment on the consultation and register to participate in one of the workshops here.

Tweet text: NICE consultation: Have your say on NICE’s vision for an enhanced BNF. Read full consultation & comment (”

Thank you.

Liz R

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