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I am a great fan and critic of the way telephones are used and abused in professional practices and always feel sorry for the plate-spinning receptionist / front desk / telephonist / meeter & greeter / fee collector who is at the sharp end of customer service whilst the clinicians are able to hide “backstage”. I came across Denticom recently and their representative Jack Christian came and explained how their service worked. I gather they are growing their business at the rate of several practices per week.

As ever I do not endorse, just bring to your attention something that may be of use.

Good morning Alun,

I wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to meet with me last Friday.

As discussed I wanted to send you across a brief e-mail to outline some of the main services and benefits of Denticom, as well as giving you a rough indication on cost to clients.

  1. Full call management – how many calls are you losing?? Missed and abandoned (which as we discussed = lost business). If a patient is worth £300 – £500, can you afford to lose just one call a day?!!
  2. Call recording – We can provide full call recording and optional call recording to all practices, this is encrypted and very useful for any disputes or training purposes.
  3. Ability to promote – Private treatments and services can be promoted while patients wait to speak to someone. E.g. 10% off teeth whitening in March. This saves money on other advertisements, and is proven to be a more effective way of advertising to patients FREE OR CHARGE! Patients will also be informed of their place in the queue if receptionist is busy on a call or attending to patients face to face, and this also reduces the perception of waiting time.
  4. Built in messaging – e.g. between 1pm – 2pm (If you were shut for lunch?) or 5pm – 9am (Opening hours) There would be a professional message stating this to patients when they call. This is built in so that you only need to set it up once for different messages to be played at different times, and can also change the message or add messages at any time needed.
  5. Digital line Installation – We install  Isdn 2 line’s (Digital line) to all practices, we review their line usage to advise how many speech channels a practice will need? This means that callers will be able to get through and not get engaged, and if receptionists are busy the call can be answered in a professional way giving the patient options to hold, or leave details for a call back (Set up completely dependent on the individual practices requirements)
  6. Equipment – We provide whatever equipment is needed. E.g. wireless headset (Reception) Portable phones, desk phones. (All again dependent on the practices needs)
  7. Installation – Installation usually costs around £800-£1000, however for a number of referral sites and other practice we have done this FOC and would be happy to if you were to put us in touch with a practice or client.
  8. Training – We provide full training for all members of staff (On the day after instillation) on the equipment and Management tools for all staff.
  9. Ongoing Consultation – We provide ongoing support, consultations and Account Management. This is to make sure the practices we deal with are using the business tools to their full ability, and that the solution is setup correctly for their working environment.

All of the above will increase the profitability of a practice and help assist you with the busy front desk and improve access for patients!

  • Through identifying and capturing lost calls, and being able to either answer them at the time, or calling any you missed back (or they can leave a message);
  • Installation of Digital lines, to make sure callers can get through;
  • By playing promotional messages while they wait to speak to someone;
  • Identifying whether the caller is an existing patient or a new caller interested in new registration;

In regards to pricing, we always arrange a site survey and an initial consultation for find out what the practices current telephony and IT setup is? Before looking at a package for them. However rough package prices are below:

  • Package 1    1-4 phones         £150 per month
  • Package 2 5-7 phones         £200 per month
  • Package 3 8-12 phones       £250 per month
No capital outlay or setup costs involved!

I hope this all makes sense Alun, and is of more help to you?

Like I said in our meeting it would be great if you do have any clients or know of any practices that I could talk to and help, with regards to our Denticom solution. Please do let me know.

Jack’s contact details are: 07854 206371 and the company’s website is

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