Kathy Kolbe and Dr. Pierre Balthazard Reveal Brain Research and Kolbe Wisdom

I have just returned from a sensational few days at the Kolbe Professional Growth Seminar, all consultants have to be re-certified by the staff at HQ every 18 months and I look forward to my trips to Phoenix Arizona to meet up with the fellow users of Kolbe Wisdom. I have been a Consultant since May 2007 and enjoy learning and sharing experiences. My story of how I was convinced about the use of Kolbe Wisdom is very similar to Jason’s, the Conative Stress to which I subjected myself  during my clinical years is hard to believe.

A few weeks ago my colleague Jason Cupp “re-blogged” one of my postings, here I return the compliment because his account of the first day of the conference is spot-on.

To take your Kolbe A index go here or contact me for more information.

Take it away Jason….

What an amazing day!

This week, I’ve been in Phoenix, AZ attending the Kolbe Professional Growth Seminar – an educational event geared towards Kolbe Certified Consultants.  As many of you know, I have been a Kolbe Certified Consultant since 2006, and have been devoting the majority of my time now to Growth Consulting and utilizing Kolbe Wisdom as part of that process.

Today, Kathy Kolbe, creator of Kolbe Wisdom, and Dr. Pierre Balthazard, an Associate Professor at Arizona State University, revealed one of the most fascinating studies I’ve ever been a part of.

Let me back up…  If you’ve been to one of my seminars on Kolbe Wisdom, you’ve heard me talk about the Three Parts of the Mind:  The Cognitive, The Affective and The Conative.  The Cognitive Part of the Mind is the way you think – things such as Knowledge, Education and IQ.  The Affective Part of the Mind is the way you feel – things such as emotion, values, attitude and desire.  But, the Conative Part of the Mind is the way you do – otherwise your natural instincts – things like drive, instinct, talent and innate force.  Folks, your INSTINCTS do not change.  But your feelings and your thinking can… and will.  That said, the Kolbe A Index measures a person’s Conative Part of the Mind.

I’m a prime example of “Going Against the Grain” in my previous career… and I had a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT of Conative Stress.  If you haven’t heard my story, call or email me – I’m really open to share it.  And, it’s somewhat powerful to amplify the idea of Conative Stress.

That is where the Brain Research that Kathy and Pierre did comes in.  It was more than fascinating, and it analyzed the Brain and the Conative Side of the Mind.  AMAZING.

It’s was so in-depth, that I could write for a LONG time on it.  BUT, then thing I wanted to share with you is simply this:

Do you have Conative Stress in your life?  I sure did.  And, honestly, now I don’t.  All because of the Kolbe A Index.

Kathy and Peter, in their final slide, revealed the graphics below, which I want to share with you for the first time.

OK, you’re probably asking yourself, “Jason, what is this??” Well… Let me explain.  These are actual EEG readings from a Brain Monitor.  The top image is when you’re working alongside your Natural Instincts – what is determined by your Kolbe A Index Results.  The bottom image is when you’re working against your Natural Instincts.

So, for those that know my story, the bottom image was when I was in my previous career, the top image is what I’m doing now.

What would you rather be doing with your life?

With your stress?

With your conative stress?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with HUNDREDS of people all over North America on their “Conative Stress” and “Not working against your Natural Instincts and Grain” — and it’s real.

Here are the Steps to Determine your Conative Stress:

1.  Contact me to take the Kolbe A Index online (it only takes 20 minutes)

2.  Assess how you’re expected to work (I help you with this too)

3.  Compare your strengths versus your work expectations (Yup, my job!)

4.  Get individual Conables Tips to make your brain work better (Again, I do this…)

This is huge.

THANK YOU Kathy and Peter for your amazing “conversation” today.  It was empowering.  And not really to me… but to those who will be affected by this for years to come.  Cheers to working on instincts and changing lives.

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