Working with a (Dental) spouse.

Knowing your spouse’s MO can help the relationship thrive at work and at home.

Increasingly in Dentistry spouses / life partners are working together. Some of these working relationships thrive whilst others produce tensions between the partners which can lead to stress outside the workplace. If you don’t get on at work then that is likely to overlap into the home.

When I explain to partners about the Kolbe A assessment and the effects that different *MO’s (Modus Operandi) can have on a relationship there is usually a moment of clarity and comprehension. Knowing how any colleague or team member will instinctively take action is of great value. Being able to use the knowledge to enhance a personal relationship can be inestimable.

(* M.O. refers to an individual’s Modus Operandi and consists of a numerical representation of one’s instinctive way of taking action as measured across the four Kolbe Action Modes®.)

Sometimes there is a close similarity between the partners results, they take action in the same way, they tend to agree on many things. This can lead to problems because all the bases are not covered. In other cases (mine for instance) Kolbe A results are very different but are close to mirror images, and my wife and I compensate for each other. It’s no surprise that our working relationship was successful long before our personal one emerged. 

Cathy Kolbe has written about same MO Marriages HERE.

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To discover how I can help you to build your perfect team HERE.

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