Secure or Not?

Secure or Not?

Wi Fi that is, I tend to be the innocent when travelling and will log in to whatever wi-fi is available. I always presumed that using a hotel wifi would be relatively secure but, as usual, I was wrong. An article in the Guardian warns that,”free hotel wifi is a hacker’s dream”. LINK

Do read the article if you are interested in having your paranoia turned up to 11; decide whether you are a sheep or a goat and act accordingly. Sheep are sweet, trusting folk who think well of their fellow humans. Goats have nasty suspicious minds. I would like to think that I am a sheep by nature but a goat by experience as I  do use a VPN on all my devices. Lately the BBC has decided that when I am using the VPN I am clearly trying to view iPlayer from “abroad” which makes me wonder if the status of Wales has changed over the past month – so I switch it off sometimes.

That made me wonder about cafes, shops, railway stations, people’s homes and, naturally enough, Dental Practices. My mother used to warn me about interactions in any sort of public place but I always thought it was people I could see from whom I was at a risk. Wrong again, same principle different problem, mother’s advice evolves for the Digital Age.

There’s another article of interest HERE.



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