Time Management never meant so much.

As a coach one of the major things that I help my clients deal with is time management. It’s something that I read about and research in order to be able to keep abreast of the newly labelled science or art of GTD. Or is it Emperor’s New Clothes? I came across this lecture byContinue reading “Time Management never meant so much.”

Helium. It’s good for the soul.

Sometimes when clients say “thank you” it’s good to hear; when they give you a testimonial it’s even better, if a little embarrassing. One of my biggest failings is that I don’t blow my own trumpet nearly enough. “Alun’s experience as a dental practitioner and professional coach have proved to be of great benefit inContinue reading “Helium. It’s good for the soul.”

Reasons Why People Become Coaches

As I waved Susan off at the railway station (can’t bring myself to say train station, sounds too clunky), she on her way to the CTI Fundamentals weekend http://www.coaching-courses.com/index.phtml I reflected on why people choose to do the training. This is from the excellent Business Balls & is a pretty good summary. “Whatever the reasonsContinue reading “Reasons Why People Become Coaches”