British Gas, how are Sid’s grandchildren?

#The older I get the less I understand. From Jonty Bloom’s, blog: …..Just look at British Gas; it is in the middle of firing its engineers and re-hiring them on worse terms and conditions, I have not heard anything from the government on this and the reason is simple. They don’t care, in fact theyContinue reading “British Gas, how are Sid’s grandchildren?”

Oblique Strategies…or what to do when you get stuck.

I am a great admirer of Brian Eno’s work, both what he does and how he does it. A unique individual and also an excellent collaborator, not always easy to be good at both. Some people know him as part of the original Roxy Music, some due to his producing credits, others for his “ambient”Continue reading “Oblique Strategies…or what to do when you get stuck.”

ReesAcres from a cloudless sky

Taken a couple of weeks ago from the Space Station, a picture of Ireland from a cloudless sky. For those who wonder where ReesAcres is, it’s in the County of Cork, the Townland of Fahouragh, and the parish of Castlehaven, comfortably close to the sea about 3 miles or so from Skibbereen. Right down theContinue reading “ReesAcres from a cloudless sky”

The people I read – Seth Godin

Sunday 11th April 2021. Every day Seth Godin writes a blog post which he circulates to his subscribers. Yesterday’s (Saturday) was particularly insightful and should be pinned to everyone’s wall. The plan for day 100 What do you want to be doing 100 days from now? What change do you seek to be making? WithContinue reading “The people I read – Seth Godin”

It’s hard work to get out of your own way.

Saturday 10th April 2021 It’s hard work to get out of your own way. But well worth it. One of the regular conversations with clients who I describe as “getting in their own way” goes something like this: Me: Have you thought about how you work? Client: I’m working as hard as I can! Me:Continue reading “It’s hard work to get out of your own way.”

The people I read…Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell of the Campbell Clinic writes a blog… daily, which I read….daily. I don’t always agree completely with what he writes, I doubt he agrees completely with me, but I would defend his right to share his experiences for the benefit of others, which is what he does well. This is an excerpt fromContinue reading “The people I read…Colin Campbell”