Two more gone

This week saw two men who I greatly admired leave this life.

Firstly Bill Frindall, the doyen of cricket scorers, died at the age of 69 from Legionnaire’s Disease. Tributes are seen here, here and here.

I can’t imagine there being a greater contrast between the meticulous, organised “Bearded Wonder” (as he was first called by Brian Johnstone) and the wild corousing of folk music’s enfant terrible John Martyn yet they were both dear to me, possibly because their differences illustrate characters to which I might aspire but could never achieve. In Bill there was the dedication and ability to dot every i and cross every t, time after time after time; whereas in John there was a man of truly original, god-given talent which he continued to use (and some would say abuse) until his death.

I shall miss them both in the meantime here’s something to remember John,




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