How to Regain Your Life Balance in 15 Minutes

Here’s a blog posting from my client and friend Joanna Taylor on the value of self-hypnosis. Do take her up on her offer of the free CD it’ll do you no end of good.

The technique of self-hypnosis can help you to regain your life balance, using as little as 15 minutes a day.
Hypnosis allows the use of a deeply relaxing state in order that change can take place at the unconscious level; the power of hypnosis lies in the connection that is built with the unconscious mind.

Being able to use self-hypnosis can provide unmeasurable benefits, both physically and emotionally, and can help in achieving goals that otherwise might appear too difficult, or even impossible. Self-hypnosis is a way to connect with your own potentiality, your own infinite possibilities and your own creativity.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Joanna Taylor is running introductory courses in self-hypnosis at her Consultancy Offices in Pickering, North Yorkshire. See the website at for more details, and you can also request a free relaxation CD.

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