Got an NHS Dental Contract? Watch your back.

I keep a watchful eye on what happens in General Medical Practice and medicine generally. I often wonder whether they are ahead or behind the changes that are happening in dentistry. I gather that the changes to the GDC are in advance of those in the GMC. What concerns me in this article is that “Trusts are clamping down…in advance of validation”.

I find it ironic that the GMC is missing its own time targets, will they censure themselves I wonder?

Last years the number of Doctors reported to the GMC rose by 30%.

The GMC has seen a huge rise this year in the number of doctors being reported to it with concerns over their fitness-to-practise.

The monthly rise in cases this year is up 30% on 2008.

The rise may signal that trusts are clamping down on poorly performing doctors in advance of revalidation.

‘The referrals are coming mainly from the NHS and they are not trivial,’ said GMC chairman Professor Peter Rubin.

‘It’s likely to be a precursor to the introduction of revalidation. Employers are beginning to take stock,’ he explained.

The increase is so great that doctors up before the GMC are waiting longer for investigations and hearings.

The GMC admits that it has missed its own targets of nine months for hearings to be concluded and six months for investigations to be completed.

In July almost one third of cases missed the GMC’s self-imposed target of nine months from referral to adjudication hearing.

In 11 cases, doctors waited longer than nine months for their adjudication hearing to start.

In the same month, 50 out of 391 doctors saw their investigation drag on beyond six months.

The council said it expected to be back on track by the end of the year.

Take a look at the full article here.

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