The Monday Morning Quote

“Nullius in Verba”

I thought the above which translates as “On the words of no one”  particularly apt at the moment in view of the very tsunami of unfounded, unscientific legislation that is threatening, if not to overwhelm, then to seriously distract many practice owners from the one thing that should be most important to them professionally, namely the day-to-day care of their patients.

The phrase is the motto of the Royal Society and points out that we must believe in the words of nobody, but we have to use science to establish “the truth of scientific matters through experiment rather than through citation of authority”.

Apparently this motto is an adaptation of a quote  from Horace, Epistles, book I, epistle 1, line 14, where the Roman poet (First Century BC ) points out that no one is bound to believe in the words of any master (Latin, “Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri” meaning “I am not bound to believe in the word of any master”), that is to say that we must have individual experience and reason in the constitution of our knowledge, without  depending upon the citation of authority.

I wish that not only would politicians, civil servants and the apparatchiks of state cease paying lip service (at most) to science but also that the dental profession would stand on its collective feet, have the courage of its convictions, and say no to unproven and untested changes in patient care and the management of their practices. The current administration is very fond of the word “care” it’s a shame that, like their predecessors, whilst they may say they care, in practice they don’t seem give a damn for anything but dogma and expediency.

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