European Dental Trade (Market Trends)

Just come across this on the Stockdale-Martin blog, interesting reading, the blogpost is here.

The Federation of the European Dental Industry (FIDE) recently released its 2011 Survey on the European Dental Trade (Market Trends). Co-designed by ADDE, the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe, the survey gives an insight into dental industry demographics, manufacturing and marketing behaviour across 12 European countries, including France, Germany, Russia and the UK. Among other things, it revealed that:

• 263,756 dentists currently practise across Europe, of whom 29,294 practise in the UK

• There are 12,200 active dental offices across the UK, as well as 2,370 dental laboratories

• 5,776 dental hygienists and 7,044 dental technicians are also currently active in the UK

• 1,301 new dentists graduated from UK training institutions in 2010

• The sales value of all dental products across Europe (excluding metal implants) is worth an estimated €5,897 million (approximately £5,134 million), while the UK market is worth some €427 million (£372 million)

• 59 dental dealers operate in the UK, 7 of which sell exclusively via mail order, telesales and catalogue

• 19% of UK dental manufacturers supply directly to dentists

• 46% of dental retail purchasing by dentists in the UK is conducted online

• 82% of dental offices use computers in-surgery.

Stockdale Martin is currently undertaking the first SMi-Dent survey, which will be delving into some of the issues raised in this and previous dental industry reports. For further information or to obtain copies of either report, email or give our offices a call on 0870 7355385.


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