Alan Stevens – The Media Coach – writes well and regularly about all aspects of media. This is from today’s ezine and, as usual, is full of sense.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been around for a while, with many companies offering to ensure that you are on page one of Google for your chosen keywords. There were (and still are), many good SEO practitioners around. Alas, there were also many poor ones, who would promise do deliver high Google rankings, but provided them all too fleetingly, or for esoteric search terms that no-one ever used (“Life Coach services in Nether Wallop…”). However, I believe that the whole issue of SEO is diminishing in importance.

These days, customers seem to be a little more discerning. They don’t simply buy from the companies ranked highest in Google (if they ever did). Instead, they are using word-of-mouth, social networking and other sources to receive recommendations, and then checking companies out online.

So you need to be easy to find, but not necessarily by keywords. If you trade as a company, then a search on your company name needs to be on page one of Google. If you use your name as your brand, you need to be on page one for a name search. If you use both a company and personal name in business, guess what?

If you have an unique name or company name, there’s little need for SEO. If your name or company are common, or easily confused, then SEO may well be appropriate. However, I’ve always found that being busy online, especially on social media, works just as well as employing SEO experts. The choice is yours.

“This information was written by Alan Stevens, and originally appeared in “The MediaCoach”, his free weekly ezine, available at”


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