If you’re heading to BDTA Dental Showcase #1 Dentaid

‘Instrument Amnesty’ returns to Showcase

Do you have any hand instruments you no longer use?
In order to address the need for dental instruments in developing countries, the BDTA is pleased to announce that the instrument amnesty will be returning to Showcase 2011. The BDTA is linking up with Dentaid, the dental charity striving to improve the oral health of disadvantaged communities around the world, to encourage the dental team to donate their unwanted hand instruments at this year’s exhibition.

Shortage of dentists and equipment in developing countries.
There is a severe shortage of dentists in developing countries and the ones that are working are drastically under-resourced. The level of care they are qualified to offer is significantly higher than their equipment allows; no light, no drill, no suction, difficult working conditions and very importantly, only a limited range of instruments.
Recipient dentists are always delighted with the equipment provided but some have been known to literally weep with joy when they have opened the box of instruments provided with the surgery, highlighting just how important these hand tools really are for day-to-day dental care.

The need for instruments
Andy Jong, Dentaid’s CEO comments, “Since developing the portable dental chair and portable instrument kit, Dentaid has experienced a big surge in orders from charitable projects and hospitals with community oral health programmes. This year’s instrument amnesty is a great way for the dental team to help us meet the demand and reach many more remote places with improved oral health care.”

It is likely that there is a huge selection of instruments sitting in the bottom of cupboards in dental practices across the country not being used. The highly successful instrument amnesty last took place at Showcase in 2005 where over 10,000 instruments were collected. It returns to this year’s event as a way to once again replenish the diminishing stocks and enable Dentaid to continue its important work.

Bring your instruments with you to BDTA Dental Showcase 2011
Please ensure your instruments have been properly sterilised and then donate, along with details of your practice, to the Dentaid stand during the exhibition.
BDTA Dental Showcase 2011 takes place between 20-22 October 2011 at the NEC, Birmingham. To secure your free of charge entry to the show, reserve your ticket here.

For further information on Dentaid, visit www.dentaid.org.


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