From The Newsdesk – 05.10.2011 – #1 Dental Protection welcomes change in whitening regulations.

Tooth Whitening
22 September 2011

Tooth whitening update

Dental Protection welcomes the proposed amendment to the European Cosmetics Directive, which brings future changes to UK legislation one step closer. The European Council has adopted a directive on tooth whitening, which strengthens consumer protection whilst allowing dentists to legally supply products for tooth whitening, which release or contain up to 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Once a new European Directive is in place, the UK Government is obliged to amend the Regulations to reflect this. As soon as those new UK Regulations come into force it will be possible for products over 0.1% but less than 6% hydrogen peroxide to be supplied to patients provided that the patient has been examined by a dentist and the first treatment has been performed by the dentist or under his or her direct supervision.

It is expected that the amended European directive will be published within the next three weeks (ie. October 2011) and following publication the Government will have 12 months to amend the existing Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations to bring them in line with the directive.

Until the UK Government amends the law, it will remain illegal to supply products for the purpose of tooth whitening that contain or release more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. The position statement on Tooth Whitening, set out below remains unaltered and members who may wish to provide tooth whitening are asked to familiarise themselves with the position statement.

The changes in the EU Directive may trigger increased marketing by some dental suppliers and members are advised that although the EU Directive has been amended this does not have an immediate effect on the law in the UK which remains unchanged on this subject. Consequently the advice set out in the position statement below, also remains unchanged. Dental Protection members who wish to be sent an email alert when the changes in the Regulations occur, should register for e-communications on the website.

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