CQC A letter to The Times

Published in The Times today. Well done Andrew.

Dear Sir,

For the Care Quality Commission to blame chasing of paperwork targets for the sad state of affairs in hospitals is brazen indeed, as it is the CQC, along with Primary Care Trusts and other “governance” and “compliance” organisations which have enforced the burdensome paperwork load in the first place. For my own profession of dentistry this has resulted in a virtual tsunami of un-necessary policy writing and compliance with innumerable pieces of micro-managing and verification of processes.

Despite what some might say, whose jobs depend upon it, not one jot of this massive effort has resulted in the health or welfare of my patients, my staff, or myself improving. It has however added to the already high costs of running a healthcare business or service. I would not be suprised in the least to learn that nurses have been taken off caring for people and put in front of computer screens and manilla folders. It seems that the more organisations are involved in so-called “regulation” or a service the worse the service becomes.

This government said it would slash red tape.

They lied.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Adey BDS
Dental Surgeon,

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