Most dentists not ready for compulsory EPCs…say Frank Taylor Associates

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Here’s a link to the FTA blog.

The majority of those dentists who are looking to sell their dental practices in 2012 are not ready for new legislation in regard to EPCs according to Andy Acton of Frank Taylor and Associates and Phil McCabe of the Forum of Private Business. The new changes will come into force on 6th April and mean that:

  • An energy performance certificate will be required on all marketing for all properties that are to be sold or let
  • The responsibility for the EPC will rest with the ‘relevant person’ – defined as either the owner or the agent. Both will have a duty to ensure an EPC is commissioned before marketing a property
  • Trading Standards Officers will have new powers to force sellers and agents to produce copies of EPCs for inspection
  • It will also be a mandatory requirement for air conditioning inspection reports to be lodged on the central Non Domestic EPC Register
  • EPCs will need to be attached to written details of the property – the option to include the asset rating will no longer apply. The first page of the EPC must be included
  • Andy commented, “This legislation may slip under the radar as it seems to have been announced quite quietly and we want to ensure that dentists are aware of this. Put simply, after the 6th April, the marketing of a dental practice just cannot happen without an EPC.”

Phil McCabe, Senior Policy Adviser at the Forum of Private Business added, “Any costs like these are an extra burden for small businesses to bear. The EPC scheme is essentially a watered down version of the unpopular Home Improvement Pack (HIP) scheme, which was dreamed up by the last Government but quickly abandoned by the Coalition after it came in to office for being unnecessary and costly. We would say the same of the EPC.

Aside from the cost implications, there’s also the extra paperwork that will be involved. More red tape and yet more form filling for businesses at a time the Government is pledging to cut bureaucracy is just not necessary.”

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