The Weekend Read – Platform by Michael Hyatt

We’re approaching the end of the blog in its present format – content will hopefully grow in frequency and value but the appearance is due for an overhaul.

Michael Hyatt was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers for eight years and is now their chairman. He now describes himself as a professional blogger, author and speaker. His blog,, has at the time of writing 242,863 subscribers, he has 136,313 followers on Twitter and 16,924 likes on his Facebook page.

All this from a social media following of zero.

I think it is fair to say that Michael Hyatt gets it – whatever “it” may be. In this book which consists of 60 bite-sized chapters he takes the reader through the basics, the reasons why, the hows and how nots of creating and maintaining a presence in an increasingly distracting environment.

The book is subtitled “Get Noticed in a Noisy World” and as someone who sometimes struggles with the din of Twitter in particular, I found “Platform” to be just the book I needed to help me focus on what the individual Alun Rees and the business Dental Business Partners needs in order to grow and enjoy my work.

It’s available from the Weekend Read on Amazon – it’s easy to read and I challenge anyone to fail to take a message away from it.

But (& it’s a big but) one of the lessons is to keep changing and evolving so read his blog too.

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