Mission Statements and more

I ask my clients as individuals and businesses to devise their own mission statements. This is a worthwhile exercise to help them get clear exactly what it is they are trying to achieve.

In addition I get them to devise clear statements; not only “what you expect from us” but also “what we expect from you”. It’s a two way street and it’s important that both sides understand the deal.

Here’s one I came across from the folks at The Rosemount Dental Clinic in Aberdeen that does the job beautifully. It’s clear and concise and there’s no ifs, buts or maybes.

Here’s the weblink www.aberdeencosmeticdentistry.co.uk/index/mission-statement

Mission Statement

  • Our aim is to create happy, healthy, beautiful smiles.

Promises and expectations

We promise to:

  • Welcome you into a caring and professional environment.
  • Listen with respect and respond to your concerns.
  • Clearly state the cost of proposed dental treatment in advance.
  • Do our absolute level best to keep to time.
  • Perform our very best standard of dental work for you at all times.
  • Guarantee our dental work for a minimum of twelve months.
  • Make no charges for appointments changed or cancelled where 24 hours notice has been given.

We appreciate your commitment to:

  • Arrive in time for your appointments.
  • Follow our instructions to care for the work we provide.
  • Attend review and maintenance appointments as advised.
  • Pay for treatment as requested. We accept cash, personal and business cheques and most credit and debit cards.
  • We also offer interest free credit.
  • Talk to us, let us know what you think of what we do: right and wrong.
  • Help our practice grow by recommending us to your family, friends and colleagues.

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