A message from Harry Singh of Aesthetics

Here’s a message from my friend Harry Singh about his colleague Smita Mistry – my personal comment is that I have know Smita since the start of Aesthetics when I had the privilege of working with Harry & his team. Smita is a professional through and through with and an in depth knowledge of all aspects of dentistry and marketing – in addition to being a fantastic hygienist! She will be an asset to any team that is fortunate enough to recruit her.

“I am in the process of restructuring my time and concentrating on my other business ventures as part of this process, I will no longer have Aesthetics in the very near future.

However the reason for this message is that my close friend and employee, Smita Mistry will be looking for a new employment, as from January 2013, due to these changes.
I can honestly say that she is worth her weight in gold and her dedication, passion, hard work, honesty and loyality has served me very well for the last 5 years during her time at aesthetics.

She is looking for a full time employed position with a role that mainly involves promoting any type of business & marketing development within any medical, cosmetic or dental business, that is seeking an enthusiastic team member to join their existing team and help move their business to the next level.
She would be happy to consider this with a clinical role 1-2 days dental hygiene work ( if she has to.)

She is flexible and does not mind a non-dental position either in solely a Medical or Facial Aesthetics clinic, and happy to work in any medical cosmetic spa or dental establishment that is looking for an enthusiastic team member to help move their business forward.

Any employer who has the foresight to employ Smita will never regret that decision. She is not driven by money or personal rewards and will always give that extra mile to help any business fulfill its potential.
She is widely known and respected in the dental and medical aesthetics community, has worked with many top coaches and consultants and also approached to be a mentor on for some major dental projects.

She has a natural ability to network and make new contacts and friends where ever she goes and will a valuable and priceless asset to any future employer.

See Chris Barrow’s (of BKH) own professional testimonial of Smita on:www.facialaestheticsacademy.com

She will still remain my co-director/partner for our joint business venture “The Facial Aesthetics Academy (FAA).”

If you or you know anyone interested in this fantastic opportunity I urge you not to miss out on taking on the best employee I have ever had!

Please to contact me via email on harrysarai@aol.com
Alternatively you can contact Smita directly via private message on Facebook to get her number or email her at: smita.m@ntlworld.com

I can provide a personal testimonial from myself to any of you if required.

Thanks for your help.

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