Diary of a Business Consultant #1

An occasional series to prove that this life has its ups and downs too.

Just rang the PG department at XXXX Hospital to chase my payment.

Conversation along these lines:

B’ness Consultant – “Hello my name is Alun Rees I did a presentation for a dental group at your hospital post-graduate centre in August”
NHS Operative – “Yes on the xx (date), I have your claim for here on my desk”
B’ness Consultant – “That’s why I was calling. I wondered when I might get paid?”
NHS Operative – “There has been a delay. I have not long taken over and haven’t got around to it.”
B’ness Consultant – “I was just checking that it hadn’t got lost as it’s more than two months.”
NHS Operative – “Oh no, it has arrived safely I just haven’t dealt with it yet. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
B’ness Consultant – “No if you could process the forms as quickly as you can that would be great please.”
NHS Operative – “Alright, I’ll deal with it sometime soon. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.”
B’ness Consultant – Hangs up. “Fexsake!”

….then thinks to himself “perhaps they listened too closely to my piece on the importance of cashflow?”


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