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2013 has seen me make profound changes in my life, some harder than others. We have moved our main base from Gloucestershire to West Cork meantime keeping our foothold in the UK in my home town of Cardiff and I passed a chronological milestone (I’m enjoying the rail discounts).

Having kept one hand in a nitryl glove and the other on a keyboard for eight years I realise that now is the time to give up clinical work completely; the GDC will have to survive without my subscription in 2014. This means that I am now a full-time consultant, coach, analyst, writer, speaker and broadcaster using the experiences and wisdom gained from my clinical career and others’ successes to help my clients achieve the rewards their work and dedication deserve.

A good thing that comes from this decision is that I am able to take on some more clients.

Having taken stock of my own life I invite you to do the same.

Why not evaluate yourself and your practice? Take a look at the following list and honestly mark yourself out of 12.

  1. I have a yearly, half-yearly and quarterly strategic plan against which the business is managed. (not just a To-Do list or a reaction to what the day-list brings)
  2. My diary is organised so that every week brings me three things 1)focussed clinical time where I am producing high quality dentistry for a maximum return 2) time to develop my business 3) space to concentrate on personal development.
  3. I have focussed and proven internal and external marketing systems that bring quality new patients to the practice in the appropriate numbers (as opposed to hoping and praying).
  4. My practice has a proven and focussed patient journey that is  fully understood by all team members and produces clearly measurable results.
  5. My support team understand and embrace what the goals are for the business.
  6. All team members are committed to a programme of continuing development so that they are able to work at maximum effectiveness.
  7. I take time to develop and introduce new services and treatments for our patients that differentiate us so that we stay ahead of our competitors in the the market place.
  8. There is a system of financial controls that monitor outgoings, compares with budgets and prepares for whatever the future brings (as opposed to finding out on the 29th that there isn’t money left for the end of the month).
  9. I enjoy above average remuneration from patients who are happy to pay my fees.
  10. I am fully aware of the changes that are taking place in clinical dentistry and attend courses regularly where I network with my similarly minded clinical peers.
  11. My business planning and behaviour is challenged on a regular basis by a respected peer as it would be in a large company (as opposed being seduced by my own story or stuck in a rut).
  12. I enjoy my work and look forward to returning from holiday.

If you scored:
10 – 12. Congratulations you’re ahead of the curve.
7 – 9. You’re starting to struggle.
0 – 6. There’s a risk that you will be overwhelmed by events in the foreseeable future and you really do need some help.

My help.

How do I work? Initially we have a Chemistry Session call done on either telephone or Skype or possibly face-to-face to discuss in-depth the challenges that you are facing in your practicing life. From that we decide whether we want to work with each other. My most successful clients work with me for at least six months or a year because there are no magic wands and change does not happen overnight. Fees vary on the amount of work, time needed and will be discussed at the Chemistry Session.

I am in a position to work with another dozen, maybe 15 clients from January 1st 2014 so if you’re thinking about making changes just drop me a line or give me a call and we’ll arrange to talk.
+44 7778 148583 (UK)
+353 86 074 6723 (Ireland)

Published by Alun Rees

Dental Business Coach. Analyst. Troubleshooter. Consultant. Writer. Presenter. Broadcaster.

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