The Weekend Read – Top 10 Books from 2013

Not all these were published in 2013, it took me until 2013 to get around to reading them.

Wilfull Blindness by Margaret Heffernan. I have been trying to get any and everyone in medecine & dentistry to read this. The book explores how wilful blindness develops and then goes on to outline some of the mechanisms, structures and strategies that institutions and individuals can use to combat it. Available from Amazon.

Leadership and Self Deception by The Arbinger Institute. A natural companion to Wilful Blindness this is a lovely short read on how to change and improve the way we get on with people. It claims to to show you how to escape from your box of ‘self-deception’ and change for the better in a lasting way. If you have to work with one or more other people then this is a worthwhile read. Available from Amazon.

The Numbers Game by Chris Anderson & David Sally. Why everything you know about football is wrong. Written by a former goalkeeper and an ex-baseball pitcher thiswill make you look at the game of football from a completely different point of view. If you enjoyed Freakonomics or Moneyball you’ll love The Numbers Game.    Available from Amazon.

Stop Drifting, Start Rowing by Roz Savage. Blog post is here.  Available from Amazon.

9 Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Grant Halvorsen. Whether it’s the time of year or the time of life but I am becoming increasingly tired of B***S**T, whether it comes from politicians, media people, sportsmen or the proliferation of dental “experts” feeding on the fear initiated by those from the acronym farms CQC, GDC, etc. Rest of my blog post here.   Available from Amazon.

Get Productive by Magdaleno Bak-Maier Rewire your brain and overcome the 20 key time drains that diminish productivity For anyone who′s felt valuable time frittered away in checking emails or answering wrong phone numbers, or listening to a coworker giving you a minute–by–minute account of their previous night′s date, help is finally here. Your time is, indeed, your own.  Available from Amazon.

The Little Black Book of Innovation by Scott D. Anthony. This title offers a fresh and accessible approach to demystifying innovation. Innovation may be the hottest discipline around today – in business circles and beyond. And for good reason. Innovation transforms companies and markets. It’s the key to solving vexing social problems. And it makes or breaks professional careers. For all the enthusiasm the topic inspires, however, the practice of innovation remains stubbornly impenetrable. No longer.   Available from Amazon.

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne. Steven Pressfield’s first non-fiction book was “The War of Art” and is essential reading for anyone with a tendency to procrastinate who needs help them get out of their own way. His most recent “Turning Pro” takes the battle against “Resistance”, as he calls it, to a higher plane.  Available from Amazon.

Duct Tape Management by John Jansch. Full of pragmatism, common sense and relevant ideas it is above all straightforward to read and act upon. This is a great book for all small business owners and managers. My advice is to buy it, read it, re-read it whilst taking notes and then take action.  Available from Amazon.

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink. The full title – “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing, and Influencing Others” does what it says on the cover.  Quite early on in the book the author convincingly tells us that we are all in sales of some sort whether we be persuading our family, bosses or patients of the benefits of an action, an idea or a course of treatment.  Available from Amazon.

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