Practice Management Conference 2014 – a great offer for you.

Practice Plan are well known for providing quality meetings and conferences and this year’s Practice Management Conference is no exception.

Featuring 4 accomplished speakers Sheila, Scott, Krishan Joshi, Nigel Jones and Kevin Lewis this is a day that should not be missed.

Whether you attend in Bolton on June 6th or Reading on June 27th your time will be well spent.

Practice Plan have offered my network contacts a discount on the ticket for day so your investment will be just £100 for Practice Plan members and £120 for non-members – so book now and tell them I sent you.

Here’s the full information:

Events page header_PEGA-9HCJTV

Our expert speakers will be covering a range of topics from people management to online marketing. Learn from the best on how to take control of your business and lead with confidence, whilst ensuring your business is protected from litigation.

Here’s what your practice management team will take away from the day:

  • A clearer understanding of how to take control of your business
  • Business measurement skills and an understanding of how these can be used to make decisions with confidence
  • A blueprint for creating an emotional website, that will convert enquiries into bookings
  • An understanding of Google and how to improve your ratings
  • A new communications framework for management
  • An understanding of how to avoid conflict in everyday situations
  • The ability to confidently ask others to change and improve their behaviour for the better
  • A deeper knowledge of how to protect your business in a changing industry.

More about the speakers:

Sheila Scott
Winning friends and influencing people – how to change someone’s behaviour
As a fully fledged psychologist, Sheila Scott knows how to get into your head. A leading industry consultant, Sheila has helped 1000s of practices succeed.

Sheila will explain how to use a powerful and useful framework for giving constructive motivational feedback to team members and how to approach asking for change. Learn how you can manage people more effectively and create a motivated team.

Krishan Joshi
A blueprint for creating emotional websites
Krishan Joshi is the master of dental web design. He founded Dental Focus to create websites and provide online marketing support that will truly empower practices. He is also the co-founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

Krishan’s presentation will see him introduce several new strategies to boost your dental practice’s online presence. Be prepared for an action-packed, interactive lecture with new perspectives on theming your dental website to convert more of your website visitors into phone calls, email enquiries and live online bookings.

Nigel Jones
Measure for measure. A guide to achieving business success through improved decision making
As Practice Plan’s Sales Director, Nigel Jones is at the cutting edge of the industry and will help you take control of your business with confidence. Knowledge is the key.

The ability to measure the success of your business is becoming increasingly important and is an integral part of the decision-making process. Nigel will explain the merits of business measurement and how it can help to put you in control. Discover how to engage the whole team and make a measurement culture a way of life.

Kevin Lewis
Ensuring your business is protected: safeguarding you and your practice from litigation
Industry heavyweight Kevin Lewis is the Dental Director of Dental Protection and knows everything there is to know about protecting you and your practice from legal action.

Kevin will be drawing on years of dento-legal knowledge to give you a clearer understanding of how you can protect your business in an ever-changing industry.

Bolton – Bolton Whites Hotel – 6th June 2014 – Book here

Reading – Crown Plaza Hotel – 27th June 2014 – Book here

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