GDC “extremely disappointed” at lack of Bill on professional regulation in Queen’s Speech

I said in a talk last week that no UK government gives a fig about dentistry – it is a nuisance at worst.There are no votes in it. I am referring to governments of all shades. Governments are more than ready to send young people into harms way with less than adequate equipment on dodgy evidence. Why would they care for the lot of the nation’s teeth and its dental professionals?

How does a bogged down GDC suits their purpose? Now what would Lidl, Sainsbury or Waitrose do Mr Moyes?

Press release from GDC dated 4th June 2014

GDC “extremely disappointed” at lack of Bill on professional regulation in Queen’s Speech

The General Dental Council (GDC) is extremely disappointed at the lack of a Bill to reform the legislation governing the health professional regulators in today’s Queen’s Speech.

Despite having pledged to legislate at the earliest opportunity the Government has failed to deliver on its promise.

Whilst the GDC continues to strive to be an effective and efficient regulator our ability to protect patients and deal with complaints is currently hampered by antiquated legislation.

At a time of sharply rising complaints, the GDC’s ability to handle patient concerns effectively is limited by outdated, inefficient and expensive processes that we are unable to reform without the permission of Parliament.

The Law Commission has drafted a Bill to reform the health regulation system in the UK but it is now expected that this Bill will not be introduced to Parliament until after the election and, even then, its fate is uncertain.  This will significantly delay improvements necessary to ensure patient safety.

We have been urging Government for the last three years to implement specific changes aimed at improving our ability to protect patients and reduce our costs. One significant change on its own would enable us to save up to £2 million a year – a cost that must be borne by the dental profession.

At present our outdated processes mean that patients  have to wait longer for their complaints to be heard, and  dental professionals whose fitness to practise has been questioned will not be dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

We are urging the Government to bring forward a Section 60 order to make some key changes to improve our ability to protect the public.

Chief Executive and Registrar Evlynne Gilvarry said:

“The absence of a Bill in today’s Queen’s Speech which would enable changes that are critical to patient protection is extremely disappointing. The Government has known for years that we need legislation to improve patient safety and avoid increasing costs to professionals.  We urge the Government to act swiftly now by introducing a Section 60 Order to effect the most urgent changes so that the GDC can continue to carry out its duties effectively to protect patients.”


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