Sharon Shannon at De Barra’s

De Barra’s is a great little pub / music venue in Clonakilty. It’s hardly a place that you would think was associated with Jimi Hendrix but De Barra’s was, for many years, the haunt of the one time bass guitarist with the Jimi Hendrix Experience the late Noel Redding who lived at Ardfield.

It’s a venue where all sorts of musicians love to play but it’s primarily a folk club. Last Friday night the Sharon Shannon trio were performing for a full house and they went down a storm. I first heard Sharon when John Peel played a couple of tracks one Saturday afternoon in 1994 during Glastonbury where she had been playing with Mike Scott & The Waterboys. I remember dancing around the soon to be demolished kitchen in our house in Gloucester with William (aged 15 months) in my arms.


The trio comprised Sharon playing accordion, fiddle and tin whistle, Jim Murray – guitar and Alan Connor – bass & keyboards.

Guitarist Jim Murray is local to West Cork and had a few family members and their friends in the audience to support him. One man sitting in front of us caught Jim’s eye and having used the usual mime of a hand tilting a glass and getting a nod in return went to the bar and came back with a pint of black stuff a few minutes later.

Jim set about downing the porter with relish. The man sitting next to the drink purchaser said, “Ah, he loves his pint.” The provider replied, “He fair sucks it down.”

Wonderful language.

Enjoy Sharon & Jim (without his pint)

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