Please stop using these pictures…

I use them, you use them, we all use them.


Stock photos.

That’s fine.

We’re not all talented enough to take our own.

We’re not well heeled enough to commission one off artistic photographs to illustrate our websites. The exception is the team of course so please invest in a professional to take the photographs of your team for your website. The excuse I usually hear is that by the time the website will be ready we will have a different team. If that is your excuse give me a call, we need to talk about your team tactics.

Don’t use these. Everyone has used them and everyone else knows it.

I’m sure the ladies in the photos were paid a fee for their services as models, but I bet it wasn’t enough unless they had great agents who demanded repeat fees.

I’m sure they are really nice people, they look like it, but they are not in your practice.

I would genuinely like to record a podcast with either or both of them to find out more about them. I feel I have seen them so often I know them better than some members of my family.BORING WEBSITES 1







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