The Weekend Read – Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

UnknownA classic. Written as series of bite sized chapters emphasising good (and bad) habits, Beckwith lays down the easy to follow rules for success in marketing and branding. The format means that it’s easy to dip into for regular inspiration and at the same provokes one to think, “how would that work for me?”

As the founder and director of the positioning and branding company, Beckwith Partners, the author has worked with some of the largest and highest profile companies on the planet. The beauty of this book is that the lessons learned can all be taken on board and used by the smallest of businesses.

The 11 sections have titles that include, “Marketing is not a department”, “The more you say the less people hear” and “Monogram your shirts not your company”. These reflect the importance of everyone equally being part of your marketing, getting your position and focus correct and the importance of the name that you choose. I doubt if there is anyone in any business who will not benefit from the advice contained.

Anyone who has heard me speak will know that I major on the importance of relationships to long term success in professional businesses. It is not good enough being technically excellent at what you do if your business falls over because the chemistry with your customers isn’t right. With its emphasis on knowing the person, communication and building the relationship this book is an important part of any library. Buy it read it and then keep reading it. I see that I bought this in my days as a client of the Dental Business School, the lessons it contains are equally as important in the building of my coaching business as they were to my dental practice. Fundamentals are exactly that – fundamental.

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