BDS (Cardiff) found to be invalid – you really couldn’t make this up.

In what I presumed to be a delayed April 1st posting UK Dental News & GDPUK have released the following story.

  • In a media release dated 10 April 2015, the General Dental Council announced that all BDS degrees awarded by Cardiff University since 2010 are invalid and announced the measures it will be taking as a result. This is due to Cardiff’s failure to apply for status as a medical authority between 2010 and 2014.
  • All Cardiff graduates since 2010 have an unregistrable BDS degree.
  • Cardiff University will issue five years’ worth of new BDS qualifications dated 1st May 2015 for the students affected.
  • Dates of initial registration and CPD cycles will not be changed but all qualifications will be recorded by the GDC as BDS Cardiff 2015.
  • All affected registrants will have to apply to be ‘restored’ to the Register by 8 May 2015.
  • Anyone who does not apply will have their name removed on 29 May 2015.
  • There will be no charge for ‘restoration’.The GDC and Cardiff University have written to the graduates concerned to explain this process.

Only one comment that I can think of and I’ll delegate that to John McEnroe.

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