Bridge2Aid – The Big Skill Share

Phase 2 of Bridge2Aid’s Work is “The Big Skill Share” where UK volunteers teach District Dental Officers how to train in emergency dental skills – ‘train the trainer’.

I’ll let them explain:

“Since we started, we’ve provided almost 4 million people with access to basic emergency dental care.  It’s a massive step in the right direction, but we need to take a great leap forwards because the rural population of Tanzania is around 35 million people. This is what PHASE 2 is.  It’s a great leap, a game changer, a huge next move.  In essence it goes back to the story about the man and the fish. Give a man a fish and you feed for a day – teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.  We’re just taking it one step further – teaching the fishermen (the District Dental Officers) how to teach others too!”

The Big Skill Share is Phase 2 of our model – we return to the District Dental Officers who we’ve been working alongside on our training programmes and give them the skills to teach emergency dental skills themselves.  This is where we see our core value of sustainability really come to life.  It’s a model that becomes self sufficient, and it’s the only realistic way that our work can tackle such a vast problem.

For this to work they need your support, so why not make a donation now –

Phase 2 - A4 Emailable - 14.8.15_SM

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