Dentaid helps (and seeks help) in Calais refugee camps

A team of volunteers is heading to the refugee camps in Calais tomorrow to provide emergency dentistry for people who have fled war and persecution.  Dentaid has provided a DentaidBox, equipment and advice to Kiran Ismail, a Manchester pharmacist who is leading a team of dentists and healthcare professionals in Calais. The team is setting up a dental clinic in the Jungle Camp which has become home to 4,000 people. Every day many people are arriving at the camps suffering from terrible dental pain and there is no-one to treat them.  But Dentaid is determined to help.

The team will be seeing patients in a caravan in the camp with a marquee acting as a waiting room.  They hope to establish a dental surgery on the site and that other dentists will also volunteer to help in the migrant crisis.

One of the charity’s trustees, Jonathan Gollings, has recently returned from France where he saw the desperate need for dental care in the camps. French law states that any dentist who works in the camps must be registered in the country and have permission to practice in Calais.

Dentaid is now appealing for any UK dentists who registered to practice in France, or French dentists, to volunteer their skills.

Please call us on 01794 324249 to find out more.


Address: Giles Lane, Landford, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2BG

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