There are two sorts of computer users…

imagesThere are two sorts of computer users…

Those who have ad-blockers fitted and those who haven’t realised that they can have ad-blockers fitted.

I have written about this before mainly how you forget how irritating, disruptive and frequently inappropriate on-line advertising can be. My friends say that they get used to it but as someone who always mutes TV advertising, and that includes the repetitive BBC self-promotion, I haven’t and don’t intend to.

Of course there is a consequence for all those, so clever, digital marketing people who promise huge results from their selectively placing adverts for your discerning potential patients, clients and customers. If they are so savvy and discerning will they let themselves be exposed to random adverts no matter how well targetted?

If you don’t believe me see what others have written:

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I have recently installed “Ghostery” on my browser. This neat little programme shows what is observing you whilst you are browsing. I have taken great pleasure in blocking all sorts of advertising and monitoring sites over the past couple of months.

Take a look at Ghostery.

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