In Case You Missed #1 – 06.11.2015

This series covers news snippets and some business related things that I think are worth knowing. I try to steer clear of an excess of UK politics but as most of my readers are UK based then it is inevitable that some stuff about the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) that have dominated UK dentistry for the past 5 years will sneak in.

  1. Congratulations to Professor Richard Welbury on winning a deserved award at The Scottish Health Awards 2015 for his work on how dentists can help identify signs of child abuse. Isn’t it time that the dental profession waved its flag and said, “we do more than drill and fill for the health of the nations.”? Shouldn’t you become visible as the expert that you have trained to be?
  2. According to an article in The Independent Business Insider here Dentists have an overall “unhealthiness” score of 65.4 due to 1) Exposure to contaminants 2) Exposure to disease and infections and 3) Time spent sitting. I suppose if the GDC & CQC had been taken into account the figure would have been stratospheric.
  3. Both the BDA and FGDP have launched broadsides at the GDC which will no doubt attempt to answer its critics by sticking its fingers in its ears and chanting “la, la, la”
  4. The CQC is intent on incurring the wrath of the medics by introducing steep hikes in their fees but there may be better news for dentists.
  5. Nice little piece from “WeKnowDentistry” on what to avoid when marketing here.






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