In Case You Missed It #3 – 20.11.15

1) In the week when Junior Hospital Doctors (ie those who are have not achieved consultant status) have voted overwhelmingly to strike. I wonder if their Dental colleagues will join them (result of their ballot due in 10 days or so). I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of dentists who work in general practice will not be taking industrial action in the near future.

It looks as if Jeremy Hunt wants a scrap. Being Secretary of State for Health is a trying job but not necessarily one that leads to political success – quite the opposite, the last person in charge of health who went on to become Prime Minister was Neville Chamberlain and he only held the health post for 72 days in 1931. That said it does seem to be a good post to “fill yer boots” after Parliament.

2) I have always believed that when your employees decide it is time to move on then you should let them go with your blessing and try to part as friends. If they’re good then they might come back when they realise that the grass isn’t greener. If they’re not so good then breathe a sigh of relief and improve your recruitment process. Either way try to avoid throwing your toys out of the pram will at least lead to them being a good ambassador for your business. A piece in the HBR seems to agree.

3) Two articles on partnership behaviour caught my eye. The first concerned an “award winning” lawyer, and Chelsea fan, who was expelled from a partnership after making comments about football on social media in the wake of the recent Chelsea v Liverpool match. The next is something that is described as the green sock clause. If you’re a partner in a business it’s time to check your contract.

4) Finally I appear to have been busy this week, in fact the articles that were written up to a month ago (unlike this which was put together on Friday afternoon):

a) My first piece for GDPUK on perio’s attraction – or not.

b) The first of a three parter for Dentistry – Getting the right people on the Dental bus

c) Via Lily Head, here are a few things to think about after you have sold up. The Day After Completion – What Now?

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