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Sign Shows Year Two Thousand And Sixteen
Sign Shows Year Two Thousand And Sixteen

I don’t know about you but this week I have been overwhelmed by  “Happy New Year” emails, many of which appear as authentic as a DFS discount and are thinly disguised sales letters, I realise that it’s a busy time of year, my clients seem to have hit the ground running and so I’m going to keep this short.

Seven days into the New Year and how is it going? Are the resolutions and plans you made starting to stall or are you treading boldly into a brave new 2016?

Most New Year Resolutions don’t make it through January for whatever reason and, no, this isn’t a lecture on goal setting. Rather, it’s one on flipping the resolution habit and getting you to look at what you’re tolerating. I was introduced to the works of the late Thomas Leonard (ta cb) through his book The Portable Coach. The book says that it gives “28 Surefire Strategies for Business and Personal Success”. Great claims, great book.

Thomas’s step number 15 is to “Tolerate Nothing”, because as he says, “when you put up with something, it costs you and unnecessary costs are unattractive”.

He defined tolerations as things that bug us, sap our energy and could be eliminated. Most of us spend our lives carrying our tolerations around and some of us feel it’s a burden we must bear, a price to pay and something we can’t change. Wrong.

I believe that tolerations are, as the author puts it so well, “holes in your personal success cup draining away your contentment and good fortune”.

Sometimes being selfish is a necessity in order to be able to give of yourself fully. So whether it’s the team member who has pushed their luck just that bit too far, too often, your price list that’s already two years behind its review or making that quantum leap away from reliance on the NHS, it’s time to deal with the tolerations that are holding you back.

Action –  take some time and:

  1. Accept that putting up with things is good for no one.
  2. List 10 things that you are tolerating at work or at home.
  3. Do what it takes to eliminate them.
  4. Repeat 1, 2 & 3.
That’s it. Good luck with the list, I’ll be back on January 20th.
2016 #7

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