Don Henley – Cass County

81NJe2GlE5L._SL1400_I thought that during 2016 I would share more of my musical likes & (perhaps) dislikes. You can also look at The Daily Vinyl & Student Disco Tracks on Pinterest to see more of my more historical stuff.

The most recent Don Henley album, Cass County, was released in September 2015. It’s very country but no less an album for that. Bought on recommendation, and I can’t recall whose, it  surprised and pleased me from the opening track when I had one of those “that’s a familiar voice, I can’t quite place it” moments – it turned out to be Mick Jagger sharing the vocals with Don and Miranda Lambert. The rest of the album is excellent, great song writing and performances of an equally high standard throughout, if you enjoy the Eagles you’ll love the album especially Take a Picture of This, who knows it may even open your eyes to the good things of country music.

One track, “Praying for Rain”, struck a chord with me this morning (Saturday Jan 9th 2016). I felt like I was wading through the lawn when I was walking the dogs around Rees Acres. After two months of storms and heavy rainfall the land around us is saturated. Don is singing about the opposite effects of climate change and the droughts in California.

From the opening stanza:

Something’s different, something’s changed
And I don’t know what
Even the old folks can’t recall
When it’s ever been this hot and dry

Through the killer lyrics of the third verse:

I ain’t no wise man, But I’m no fool
I believe that Mother Nature, Has taken us to school
Maybe we just took too much, Or put too little back
It isn’t knowledge, It’s humility we lack

Spot on.



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