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This is from the two pint chicken blog

Monday evenings are generally quiet in my local supermarket.  Yesterday evening I nipped round the shop and soon filled my basket.  When I got to the checkouts there were queues – not unusual in a big city but unusual even on busy days here.  Customers were looking round for the shortest queue but nobody was making a fuss.  Again it’s unusual to see so few tills manned.

As if by magic the boss appeared – as in Mr Benn

He quietly called a name and his manager appeared, extra staff materialised and the boss took control of the stage.  No fuss, no shouting just quietly directing – staff to tills, staff to pack the customers bags, customers to the newly opened tills.  Then the boss was gone.

There were lots of smiles from the customers and knowing looks between the staff.

We all aim to have a smoothly run business with the perfect team and happy customers / clients / patients and often this happens.  The trick is knowing what to do if the stage show wobbles and knowing it is wobbling before the wheels come off.

Does your team know you mean it when you say it without shouting?

One of the ways I think respect is gained is by showing you are Not Too Big to Stock Shelves.  Do you do everything you expect others to do?  Are you still seen to do these things – not just back in the days when you started the business and had to get your hands dirty, but now when you are successful?

You know a good boss when you see them. They will be stocking shelves, answering the phone, restocking the soap in the toilets – the list is endless – when the need arises.  They will also disappear when they are not needed and get on with the other boss type jobs.

Have a think about your smoothly run business and give some thought to your plan if the stage show should get a bit of a wobble.

Happy shelf stacking

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