A couple of Orthodontic posts from Kevin O’Brien

Orthodontics can be a hidden art and it’s often perceived by non-orthodontists as a secret language. Most undergraduates know a something about it, but not much, similar to knowing a few key phrases. “good morning”, “where is the bus stop?” and “two beers please”. That’s where it ends. After graduation it used to be keptContinue reading “A couple of Orthodontic posts from Kevin O’Brien”

The Monday Morning Quote #357

“Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we’re permanently and increasingly under threat. At the zenith we realise we have to come down again…we know that we have more than we deserve or can defend, so we become nervous. Somebody, something is goingContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #357”

A warning for TCO consents?

From Pennington Manches LLP via Lexology How landmark Montgomery ruling may influence aesthetic practice The Montgomery v Lanarkshire case has been seen as a landmark case for consent. The wording in this case may well have an implication for Treatment Coordinators. I am aware that most practices use treatment coordinators well, they are highly trainedContinue reading “A warning for TCO consents?”

The Life Project: what makes some people happy, healthy and successful – and others not?

A fascinating book about an intriguing and important study. Reviewed in The Guardian. In March 1946, scientists recorded the birth of almost every British baby born in one, cold week. They have been following thousands of them ever since, in what has become the longest running major study of human development in the world. TheseContinue reading “The Life Project: what makes some people happy, healthy and successful – and others not?”

Junior doctors – the real issue hasn’t gone away.

I make no apology for the length of the article linked to this blog post. A month after it was posted in the LRB nothing has fundamentally changed, it’s just that the media feeding frenzy has moved on to Brexit. Diary – Lana Spawls 04.02.2016 Antidiuretic hormone, also known as vasopressin, is released when levelsContinue reading “Junior doctors – the real issue hasn’t gone away.”