The Joy of April 1st

The  first day of April  stories are a great thing, especially when you have to wonder about their possible truth, here are some I have enjoyed this year.

Firstly From the Guardian came dramatic news Exclusive: royal family considering dramatic Brexit intervention

Then I got a report from Gloucester RFC supporters that Twickenham was going “back to basics” and was to be a cabbage patch again.

Twickenham transformed back into cabbage patch The hallowed turf at Twickenham has been transformed into its original state – a cabbage patch. In advance of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series finale on 21- 22 May 2016 – which will see a festival of rugby and food transform Twickenham – event organisers have gone back to the roots of the world famous stadium and prepped the ground ready to plant cabbages.

TwickenhamCabbagePatch2016April1Whatever next? An Australian coach or failing to qualify for “their own” World Cup knock out stages? Perish the thought.

Finally a couple of dental stories made me sit up:

Two dental specialists Mr Tatlock and Dr Barlow were set to be reprimanded over a so called Frankenstein case.

And news of a new orthodontic system, Speedy Grins, described by Simon Thackeray – which I’m sure Simon & I discussed a few months ago.

I am not old enough to remember the Panorama story about the spaghetti harvest, although I do remember my mother talking about it.


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