Meet the dog who brings joy to dental visits.

In the dim and distant pre-CQC and thought police days of dental practice ownership we used to take our yellow Labrador, Freddie, to work. Freddie was a charming dog, gentle, friendly and very well behaved. He used to sleep in a back room of the practice but would occasionally get into reception where he was greeted with delight by any patients. Some patients used to ask after him and if he was there would give him a cuddle.

This of course was before the CQC deemed that it would probably kill us all if such a thing happened (guide dogs excepted as they are no doubt bacteria, virus and fungus free). The other thing wrong with this is that our child patients didn’t hate dentistry when done the Rees way.

Thanks to Mostyn for sharing this. the things kids hate most, visiting the dentist ranks near the top. Unless they’re going to Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, Illinois.

That practice, which includes doctors Thomas Resnick and Paul Egger, has found a way to help young patients relax and — dare we say it — even enjoy teeth cleanings. Their secret: a 6-year-old golden retriever named JoJo.

As a trained comfort dog, JoJo calms patients in the hot seat. She sits on their laps, tenderly rests her face on their bodies, and patiently distracts them from anything unpleasant happening in their mouths.

JoJo’s first foray into dentistry came after her handler, Lynne Ryan, came up with the idea of using a comfort dog to help young patients through stressful procedures. “Working at a pediatric practice can have its challenges,” says Ryan, who has also served as a dental assistant at the practice for over two decades.

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